ABOUT Art N'Cash

Artncash is a brand and portal owned by ARTDEX. ARTDEX is a Limited Liability Company established in Dubai. This startup is in seed funding stage now and was incorporated in August 2022.

ARTDEX name stands for “Art d’ exchange” and it’s core purpose is to establish an online exchange named “Artncash.com” where artworks can be exhibited, sold and traded. This ecommerce platform will have many unique and bespoke features and transactional benefits that shall empower artists and creators like never before. ARTDEX is poised to disrupt the global art trade and art investment industry and emerge as an unicorn.



Empower and support artists and creators by providing them a global digital platform to sell or trade their creations. Attract investors of all class, including small retail investors into art investment industry and enable them to multiply their wealth.


To engage with all the artists and creators worldwide using digital marketing tools and encourage them to display their artwork in Artncash. To emerge as the most preferred ecommerce platform to trade in artworks. To design innovative transactional models that will protect and benefit the interests of both artists and investors. To make ownership of art divisible and trade the shares of an artwork in the world’s first digital art share exchange.